Faculty Instrumentation

The Forensic Toxicology Facility is located in OE107 at the FIU Modesto Maidique Campus (MMC).

The Facility operates state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation applicable to research, training, and both routine and specialized analytical and forensic case work. This instrumentation provides the Facility with capabilities in robust and reliable ultra-trace analysis of drugs, analysis of toxicologic biomarkers, environmental pollutants, and natural products, in addition to the ability to conduct blood ethanol and volatiles analysis for forensic casework.

Mass Spectrometers and Chromatographic systems

Agilent 6530 LC-QTOF MS/MS Mass Spectrometer with 1290 Infinity UHPLC

Jet Stream ESI technology, and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization capabilities. General unknown screening and confirmation of licit and illicit drugs and other xenobiotics in seized materials and human specimens; metabolite analysis; analysis of peptides and proteins.

Agilent 6460 and 6470 LC-QQQ MS/MS Mass Spectrometers with 1290 Infinity UHPLC

Jet Stream ESI technology; both instruments equipped for online SPE. Screening, confirmatory, and quantitative analysis of licit and illicit drugs, including novel psychoactive substances (NPS) and other xenobiotics, in seized materials and human specimens for academic and private sector clients.

Agilent 7890/5975 GC/MS System with 7693 Automatic Liquid Sampler.

Split/splitless injection port, electron impact (EI) ionization capability and equipped with 150 sample vial tray. Customized method development for private sector and academic research laboratories, including forensic and analytical toxicology screening and quantitative analysis.

Agilent 7890 Dual-Column GC Equipped with Dual 7683 Autosamplers and Dual µECDs.

Analysis of chlorinated pesticides, PCBs, and other halogenated xenobiotics in human specimens and biota.

Affiliated instrumentation in Dr. DeCaprio’s research group:

  • Laminar flow biohazard hood
  • Labconco RapidVap N2 sample concentrator
  • Paragon kiln for glassware cleaning
  • Pierce sample derivatization station
  • Beckman TL-100 benchtop ultracentrifuge
  • SPE vacuum extraction station
  • Eppendorf Speed-Vac centrifuge
  • Fisher benchtop UV/visible spectrophotometer
  • Tekmar tissue homogenizer
  • Bio-Rad electrophoresis equipment (large gels, mini gels, Western blot apparatus, gel dryer).