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To provide state-of-the-art research, training, continuing education, and analytical services in forensic and clinical toxicology to researchers, faculty, and graduate students at FIU and other academic institutions and to law enforcement agencies within the U.S. and abroad.


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The Forensic & Analytical Toxicology Facility (FATF) is one of three College of Arts & Sciences recharge centers based within the International Forensic Research Institute (IFRI). The Facility was established in 2007 and is operated as a multidisciplinary laboratory that supports research, service, and teaching/training activities. The laboratory conducts research and method development for the chemical analysis of drugs, environmental pollutants, natural products, and other toxicants of interest in biological specimens and in non-biological samples.

Dr. Anthony P. DeCaprio, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, is currently the Director of the FATF Facility. Dr. DeCaprio is an analytical toxicologist with extensive experience in analysis of drugs and environmental pollutants in human specimens. He assumed the role of Director upon joining FIU in January, 2009.

The FATF Facility is managed by Dr. Sara C. Zapico, a full time staff scientist with expertise in analytical chemistry and forensic science. He conducts research, administrative, and operational activities and assists with technical and managerial responsibilities of the Facility.

The FATF Advisory Board Committee

  • Dr. Anthony P. DeCaprio; Associate Professor, FIU Chemistry & Biochemistry (Facility Director).
  • Dr. Sara C. Zapico; Instructor, FIU Chemistry & Biochemistry (Facility Manager).
  • Dr. Jose R. Almirall; Professor, FIU Chemistry & Biochemistry (IFRI Director).
  • Dr. Bruce McCord; Professor, FIU Chemistry & Biochemistry.
  • Dr. Madhavan Nair; Professor and Founding Chair, Dept of Immunology, FIU College of Medicine.
  • Dr. Diane M. Boland; Director, Toxicology Laboratory, Miami-Dade Medical Examiner Department.