Message from the Director

Dr. Anthony P. DeCaprio

Dr. DeCaprio's areas of research interest include the use of of biomonitoring and biomarkers in forensic toxicology and human exposure assessment, methods for ultra-trace analysis of drugs, pollutants, and their metabolites, and investigation of protein adducts as exposure/risk biomarkers and as mediators of the mechanism of toxicity of pollutants and drugs.

The current capabilities of the Toxicology Facility lie within the use of high resolution and tandem mass spectrometric detection by either gas or liquid chromatography on a wide variety of biological matrices. Some of the current research projects include:

  • Development of an ultra-trace LC-MS/MS method for the comprehensive identification of designer drugs, including phenethylamines, piperazines, and tryptamines, in human blood and urine.
  • Systematic examination of the cross-reactivities of designer drugs with existing immunoassay screening platforms. Application of in vitro drug metabolism assays to model in vivo metabolism of important drugs of abuse.
  • Development of new technologies for long term monitoring of human exposure to drugs of abuse and chemical warfare agents based on chemical modification of blood proteins.
  • Ultra-trace analysis of polychlorinated biphenyl and other persistent pollutant metabolites by dual-column GC and ECD.
  • Optimization of GC-EI-MS and GC-NCI-MS separation and analysis of abused prescription drugs, including benzodiazepines, hydrocodone and oxycodone, Ritalin, and their metabolites, in human hair and other biological matrices.

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